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101 in 1001 update: January 2013


22. Pass Foreign Service Officer Test. 7 Jan 2013 (did not get position)

34. Ask 100 people to recommend me one song and make playlists of them, no matter what they are. (130/100) 29 Jan 2013

99. Buy a Moleskine journal. 15 Jan 2013

Working On

08. Eat vegetarian for 60 non-consecutive days. (4/60)

25. Read fifty books. (5/50) (currently reading: No Logo by Naomi Klein)

40. Write five letters with a typewriter. (1/5)

63. Make an official packing list.

66. Call a good friend at least once a month. (1/33)

95. Buy five things from Amazon wishlist. (1/5)
Tags: lists, real life
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