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This is my 19 March 2013. 32 pictures total.

i always wake up at around this time, everyday. sometimes i get up a little earlier, sometimes later.

quick visit to the loo. my bathroom is very, very pink.

breakfast of raspberry bismarck & tea (super healthy, nee?)

i do a quick postcard swap on swap-bot...

there had been a serious thunderstorm the night before (tornadoes included) and the tree in the front yard across the street was hit by lightning. exciting weather!

this is my morning face routine. yes, i'm 27 years old and still have terrible acne because life hates me. :( also, sensitive teeth.

my gym outfit: gishwhes shirt! (gishwhes is short for 'the greatest internet scavenger hunt the world has ever seen'.)

the time i actually get going to the gym! my car needs to be dusted very badly.

i head the the ymca closest to me. it's possibly the cheapest option with the best conveniences for me: i can go to any of six gyms in the area, two of which have pools! i call this the 'ghetto gym' jokingly because it's in the poorer section of my city--but it's closest to where i live! obviously i can't take pictures whilst i'm in the gym...

i head home and have leftover egg drop soup for lunch, yay!

i get dressed for work, and sadly, there's a run in my hose! :(

i find some new stockings. i like this dress a lot. i also add a grey cardigan, not pictured.

i go out to the laundry room to get some dresses that i don't put in the dryer.

it's still a gorgeous day when i leave for work. spring has definitely arrived here in georgia!

my job is an after school activities coordinator at an urban high school. it's...interesting work. it's only 12 hours a week, and i sometimes will substitute for teachers at this school. it's old and falling apart, and the students that attend this high school are very, very, very, very difficult to connect to.

i coordinate all the activities from the media centre. there are tutoring sessions, credit recovery, cosmetology, modelling, basketball, tennis, etc. it's actually really fun. not five seconds after i take this picture, half of my students show up.

i can monitor students on the main computer. as you can see, they have gotten around most of the blocking software to get onto youtube, facebook, etc. it's a constant battle.

the after school session is from 1445 (245p) to 1745 (545p). at 1600 (400p), the students get a snack. this is the school kitchen; everything is stainless steel. the students got a cheerios cereal bar and chocolate milk.

after work, on the way home. it's still a GORGEOUS day!

i have to make a quick stop to buy some more stockings. runs are a hazard when you only wear skirts and dresses all the time.

my exciting shopping trip to wal-greens! i'm really sorry this day is so boring...

for supper i have hotdogs and baked beans. i always cover my hotdogs in onions for some reason.

another swap comes up and i send off the emails.

i try to do laundry once a week since i always have so much clothing (three outfits a day--pyjamas, gym clothes, work clothes). i separate my clothes into dark and light. i do whites, underwear and towels/washcloths when i have enough to justify a load of laundry.

jeopardy! i watch it every weekday night. it's my favourite game show nowadays, and i like that sometimes i know an answer that the contestants don't.

i get cold in my pyjamas and put on my fuzzy pink robe.

i watch a couple of episodes of hell on wheels, a show on amc that's set in america during the reconstruction (post civil-war) era in america. i didn't think i would like it very much, but the characters are engrossing and the plot is interesting!

i have some ice cream.

my evening routine.

i hand wash a couple pair of my winter stockings. they're opague and keep my legs warm.

i settle into bed with my kindle paperwhite (the best christmas gift i've received in a long while) and get to reading cloud atlas. i can tell this is going to take me a little while. it's already a little pretentious.

i give up after an hour. this is when i turn everything off and curl up to sleep!

Tags: grown ups are lame, pic spam, real life
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