future media darling (sobota) wrote,
future media darling

possibly the prettiest or yes, and

I have begun obsessing over the private moments with friends, sitting on beds in hotel rooms and waiting in queues. What do we talk about? What does it all "mean"? It's so hard to explain what this impetus is.

You are the only witness to a day that will never happen again. You will never say my name again like you did, you and I will never see each other that way again. One little glance, one little raised eyebrow, one laugh, it means something else in the cold light of day.

"I don't drink...but you can buy me a beer."

(Yes, and...?)

I am from every(no)where. The way I say your name and the way you'll remember me tomorrow, away from the smoky rooms and long nights.

(Yes, and...?)

I tell the truth and I don't want the consequences.

(Yes, and...?)

Je ne regrette rien, but you knew that already.

(Yes, and...?)

I do not mean to be cryptic. I love the sound of my own voice.

(I'm aware that you're scared / of my heart / but it's here)

There's someone waiting for you in Capetown, with her heart on every sleeve.


Tags: lj idol
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