future media darling (sobota) wrote,
future media darling

Pursuant to the Destruction of the Earth or A Terrible beauty has been born

--transmission started--

Choosing funeral music isn't much like choosing music for a wedding, not that I've ever done the latter, and I'm only doing the former because it looks like the Earth is finally about to end for good.

What does one usually have at a funeral, anyway? Is there a processional march for the body? I've never actually been to a funeral, embarrassingly enough. No time for funerals when the Earth is exploded in two minutes or when the green lasers come (and isn't that finally how it happens?).

If it's to set the mood of the thing, perhaps something quiet and peaceful? I never had much of a head for classical music, but perhaps some Schubert? I remember seeing his Impromptu Number 3 in G flat major in school.

If that seems too heavy, and it might, please don't hesitate to play The Beatles, Let it Be or Eleanor Rigby. (And by the way, Arthur, my favourite will always be Ringo.)

This is getting more difficult to write, as I think of all the things I should have done, and perhaps all the things I should have said, especially to my daughter. Arthur, keep her close. May she never know pain after the last time. And don't let her cry too much, as I never cried for for her.

I don't set much store by emotions, and I don't have much time now to be emotional, so I should say choose what you wish, but I feel like this is an important moment, so I must dash it off--

One more toast to greet the morn
The wine and dine have danced till dawn

-- transmission failed--

lyrics from the song 'The Grand Hotel' by Procol Harum
Tags: lj idol
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