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I could probably write this in German, but it would be filled with embarrassing grammatical errors because I am a lazy, lazy sod.

My mother is German, and I have dual citizenship. I am so, so proud of being German, but mostly, I am proud of being European. I feel European (and German) much more than being American. I was born in Texas, but I feel no connexion with it. If I had to choose to live anywhere in the world, I'd live in Europe: Either in England or Scotland, France or Germany, with the Netherlands and Sweden very close behind.

Weirdly, I can't articulate what it means to be German, other than the language and the common history. I know what the stereotypes are: ruthless efficiency, lack of a sense of humour, and pessimism, but none of those apply to me (though they sort of apply to my mother).

What does it mean to be anything, really? What does it mean to be American, or French or German? I'm sure this has been the question of the ages, really, and caused a lot more grief than necessary.
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