future media darling (sobota) wrote,
future media darling

Dear Yuletide 2016 Author

Hello! My name is Dezi and I'm 30 years old. It's been a while since I've done Yuletide. I'm a French teacher. Nice to meet you!

As a general note for all my fandoms, I don't mind angst or anything. Just write what the muse gives you.

And here are my fandoms:

- Versailles
This is an AMAZING show set during the building of Versailles under Louis XIV. They do spend a lot of time on his brother, Philippe the Duke of Orleans and his lover, the Chevalier of Lorraine. I love the lush extravagance of the setting, and I just sort of want to luxuriate in that, if possible.

- BBC The Musketeers (RPF)
I'm devastated that the show was cancelled, but the camaraderie of the main actors is AMAZING. I also am obsessed with 'behind the scenes' documentaries about filming tv shows and movies, so I'd love the fic to be set in that kind of world.

- I Capture the Castle
This is literally my favourite book in life. I just love the setting, the characters, the weird dialogue, and the wonderful plot. Please do have fun with this one; I'd love a diary entry about the life after the book is over.

- Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
This is another show I'm very sad that was cancelled. I just need a fantastic whodunit set in Australia with all the spicy dialogue from the show.

Thank you so much, author! You've made my day, whatever you write!
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