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Contributing to the Mass Exodus.

I have a permanent account, so I'll be here until LJ shuts its doors; I don't update, but DW doesn't have 'a day in my life' style communities yet or the 101 in 1001 community. Anyway, if you're leaving, here's where you can find me, and please do add me!

At dreamwidth I'm sobota as well.

I've transferred my livejournal over there too. I'm just about as active over there as over here (read: not really at all) but it's a good a place as any to store my 16 years worth of drivel.

At Twitter, I'm at two places: @snuggledeath and @sdmwrites.

I am super active on both of these; @snuggledeath is private and @sdmwrites is public and super political.

At Tumblr, I'm mazeballet. I post a lot of weird stuff. I'm trying to become a studyblr because I got accepted into my Master's programme. [#humblebrag]

At Instagram, I'm themazeballet. I haven't posted since my birthday, but I'm not a very exciting person. There's a link to my blog there, but there's not much there at the mo'.

So there you have it; if you want more private things like Snapchat and my Facebook, I'm willing to send you those on an ask basis--just ask and I'll give them to you.
Tags: blogspotting, dear flist, i speak binary
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